Patrick Henry Boggs Jr. Inventor

                        MISSION STATEMENT

                                      Helping Family's Live Normal Lives by

                                 Saving Their Homes and thier Lifetime of Memories


                                          It's time for US Fire Departments to get and upgrade

                                          Government mismanagement of fire resources is a fact.

     There are thousands of communities just like Mountain Shadows across the US built close together with wooden shingles and wooden siding.  The Boggs Inflatable Protective Home Barrier can help.

     Mountain Shadows homeowners that were interviewed said Homeowners can’t rely on the government to protect their homes.  Homeowners were left on their own to protect their homes. Per the homeowners there was a false sense of, 'The government is in control,' and no, they're not."
You can't sit back and expect the government to save your ass," the homeowner said.  "You're on your own, baby."

     I want to give homeowners a choice rely on the fire department or call INFLATABLE PROTECTIVE HOME BARRIER a private wildfire protection company to provide proprietary wildfire protection for their families' home and lifetime of memories. When it gets to dangerous for firefighters to spray water on homes they will leave nothing behind when forced to evacuate. THE BOGGS INFLATABLE PROTECTIVE HOME BARRIER is a passive wildfire system that Wild Fire House Wrap.Com will leave behind protecting your home for days or weeks if needed.

     Our mission is to bring together representatives from the Federal, State Governments, and private industry with the vision and resources to help develop, manage and grow a new industry to protect homes from the next door house fire and wildfires.  The Inflatable Protective Home Barrier (IPHB) will create jobs and give homeowners a new option to protect their homes and lifetime of memories.

     Our goal is to establish a network of IPHB centers in the most wildfire prone states where we will be able to provide quick response to wildfires.


     Manufacturing facilities to produce the quantities of IPHB products will be located in each wildfire region and in US inner cities desperately in need of jobs.  Training facilities and mobile support teams will also be established.


    Our goal is to establish 24 Hour internet and satellite links between all IPHB centers to coordinate resources, training and safe operation of IPHB devices. 


    Our goal is to provide IPHB training for the Do-It-Yourself homeowners and the public in the use of the IPHB via trade shows, videos and community work shops. 


    The Inflatable Protective Home Barrier (IPHB) will create jobs and give homeowners the opportunity to protect a lifetime of memories as well and providing new tools to protect our country.


Donations for IPHB Research & Development.

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